Active Child – “Wilderness” & “When Your Love Is Safe”

The Morning Benders’ frontman, Chris Chu, recently provided a succinct, glowing review of Active Child’s new EP, Curtis Lane: “This Active Child EP sounds like Bon Iver in da club!! I like it!!!”  What he said.  In my previous post on Pat Grossi a.k.a. Active Child, I noted that his tunes sounded like something Volcano Choir (Justin Vernon’s side-project) could have been: a dense miasma of stacked falsetto, synth, harp and celestial beats.  Yes, Grossi is a harpist, but he seems to prefer glissandos over meticulous finger-picking à la Joanna Newsom.  “Wilderness” and “When Your Love Is Safe” each represent a different half of Active Child’s sound.  “Wilderness” showcases the tender, meditative side, and “When Your Love Is Safe” displays Grossi’s dance floor ambitions (although its no less tender).

Curtis Lane is available now on itunes.

Download MP3: “Wilderness”

Download MP3: “When Your Love is Safe”


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