Porcelain Raft – “Put Me To Sleep” & “Unless You Speak From Your Heart”

For the last few years, Mauro Remiddi has been writing and recording songs on his own as the one man band, Porcelain Raft.  After releasing the excellent EP, Gone Blind, last year (as well as many other songs via bandcamp), Porcelain Raft’s debut LP, Strange Weekend, is finally coming out this week courtesy of the always dependable Secretly Canadian.  His woozy, lo-fi, bedroom pop has often been saddled (not inaccurately) with the label “dream-pop” but Strange Weekend boasts higher fidelity, louder guitars and neverending earworms (I guess you could call it shoegaze now?).  It is true nothing Remiddi is doing sonically is new or original but he separates himself from the pack of Cocteau Twins/MBV acolytes with his strongly defined pop songcraft.  Yes, he pens hooks and choruses that will stay lodged in your brain for years but I’ve also noticed a lot of his songs have a certain swagger and dramatic sweep emblematic of glam figureheads Bowie and T. Rex.  Recently, my girlfriend astutely observed that “Unless You Speak From Your Heart” was reminiscent of the Smith Westerns (a band strongly indebted to Bowie/Bolan) and that “Put Me To Sleep” echoed The Smashing Pumpkins’ “1979” a fair amount.  I probably never would have made those connections on my own but I agreed completely.  Most importantly, it was a reminder that it would be lazy and unfair to simply continue labeling Porcelain Raft as dream-pop/shoegaze when Remiddi is offering us much more.

Strange Weekend is out 1/24 via Secretly Canadian.

Download MP3: “Put Me To Sleep”

Download MP3: “Unless You Speak From Your Heart”


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