Peepholes – “Lair”
March 10, 2010, 11:33 am
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I just heard this Brighton based duo for the very first time this morning, but I’m already smitten (thx, Stereogum).  Band members Katia Barrett and Nick Carlisle share “singing, drumming, keyboards, Kaos pad, guitar etc” duties while churning out giddy noise-pop gems.  Stereogum’s mention of Lightning Bolt and Dan Deacon was pretty damn astute.  While I’m not a particularly big fan of either band, I can see how the hypothetical spawn of those two sound-worlds would result in something like Peepholes and it is all kinds of glorious.  Not to mention, the way the keyboard melody spirals endlessly like a glam-damaged carousel strongly recalls a Spencer Krug composition (always a good thing in my book).

The Lair 12″ is out now on Hungry For Power.

Download MP3: “Lair”


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