The Tallest Man On Earth – “Like The Wheel”

Kristian Matsson a.k.a. TTMOE surprised us with the release of a new EP, Sometimes The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird, yesterday via iTunes.  “Like The Wheel” is yet another heart-melting, finger-picked gem from the ever-profilic and ever-consistent Matsson.  This time, his voice and guitar are underpinned by some gentle keyboards.  It’s a small, but very noticeable touch considering Matsson is never accompanied by anything other than a guitar or banjo.  Also, as Stereogum’s Brandon Stosuy astutely pointed out, “Like The Wheel” bears a passing melodic resemblance to The Magnetic Fields’ “Papa Was A Rodeo”.

Sometimes The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird is out 11/9 via Dead Oceans.  It’s also available now on iTunes.

Download MP3: “Like the Wheel”


Phosphorescent – “The Mermaid Parade”

For those unfamiliar with the mermaid parade, here’s the quick and dirty: it’s an annual parade that makes its way along the Coney Island boardwalk.  It’s an onslaught of the weird and beautiful – a procession of scantily (and not-at-all) clad men and women dressed in their preferred sea-themed outfits.  Yes, there are bare breasts here and there, but, mostly, it is a celebration of all that is strange and wonderful about Coney Island.  It’s also a poignant setting for a song of heartache.  Writer Larry Fitzmaurice summed it up oh-so perfectly: “…the backing band produces the kind of sad-eyed country grandeur that cries so many tears in your beer that you end up drinking salt water. Goddamn it, Amanda– goddamn it all.”

Here’s To Taking It Easy is out now on Dead Oceans.

Download MP3: “The Mermaid Parade”

Frog Eyes – “Lear In Love”

The berserk and brilliant Carey Mercer has finally returned to his day-job after successful sojourns in Swan Lake and Blackout Beach.  The forthcoming Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph is the follow-up to 2007’s Tears of the Valedictorian. We’ve already been given the epic, opening track “A Flower In A Glove”, and now we have the much shorter, but no less awesome “Lear In Love”.  Mercer makes like his BFF, Spencer Krug, and cranks out the labyrinthine jams filled with prog overtones and warbled wails.

Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph is out 4/27 on Dead Oceans.

Download MP3: “Lear In Love”

Download MP3: “A Flower In A Glove”

The Tallest Man On Earth – “Burden of Tomorrow”

If you’re still unacquainted with  Kristian Matsson (aka The Tallest Man On Earth), I’ll direct you to my previous post for “King of Spain”, the first single from his forthcoming sophomore album, The Wild Hunt.  If you’re too lazy to click that link, I’ll sum it up for you: listen to TTMOE.  “Burden of Tomorrow” is the second single from The Wild Hunt.

The Wild Hunt is out 4/13 via Dead Oceans.

Download MP3: “Burden of Tomorrow”

The Tallest Man On Earth – “King of Spain”
March 7, 2010, 3:42 pm
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I know this is a re-post, but I tend to get evangelical about artists that I feel aren’t getting enough attention.  I’ve also been listening to TTMOE’s sterling new album, The Wild Hunt, pretty much every day for the last week.  Kristian Matsson (a.k.a. TTMOE) puts most singer/songwriters to shame in a profoundly simple way: he demands your attention.  Despite just being a guy with a guitar (and, occasionally, a banjo or piano), he has a kinetic, locomotive style of playing that’s gripping and wildly infectious.  Matsson’s voice is equally unique: a nasally, emotive wail that evokes the young Bob Dylan to such an absurd degree that it borders on spiritual possession.  And, despite being a Swede, he has a command of the English language that only furthers the shaming.

The Wild Hunt is out 4/13 via Dead Oceans.

Download MP3: “King of Spain”

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