Future Islands – “Tomorrow”/”The Fountain”
November 24, 2012, 7:15 pm
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In 2011, Future Islands released their third LP, On The Water, which I feel safe saying is one of my very favorite albums of the last few years.  Since then, I’ve grown hopelessly, pathetically in love with the band’s entire catalogue and consider them one of the best bands currently active, bar none. Frontman Samuel T. Herring’s brash, bellowing delivery may be the definition of “acquired taste” but he knows how to emote like a motherfucker and make the most of his limited range (i.e. Carey Mercer, Antony, Spencer Krug and Frank Black). On The Water‘s jaw-dropping, emotional centerpiece “The Great Fire” featured Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner playing the soothing siren to Herring’s heartbroken beast. Wasner (along with Lexie Mountain and Elena Johnston) once again lends her voice to “Tomorrow,” the A-side to Future Islands just released new 7″ and it is the closest the band has ever come to Sam Cooke territory. In fact, when I saw the band perform the song this week, Herring credited the song’s existence to a more contemporary Soul man, Lee Fields.  Seeing “Tomorrow” played live certainly made the song’s R&B thrust more apparent – especially when about two dozen girls jumped on stage to dance and grind around Herring like a phalanx of sirens while he sang “What’s a man to do?/When a man can’t be true.”


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