Oneohtrix Point Never – “Replica” and “Sleep Dealer”
October 30, 2011, 7:22 pm
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Daniel Lopatin, the drone wizard behind Oneohtrix Point Never, has already had a busy year with Ford & Lopatin (his other musical project with Tiger City’s Joel Ford) and his last OPN LP, Returnal, was released just 16 months ago.  Returnal ended up being one of my favorite albums last year so I was very pleased (and shocked) to hear a follow-up LP was already done. The press release for the forthcoming Replica describes it as: “an electronic song cycle based around lo-fi audio procured from television advertisement compilations.”  I have admit that the album did not endear itself to me a whole lot at first.  The lo-fi audio samples – when perceptible – often felt grating and in disservice of the song.  However, further listens revealed a rich and engrossing album underneath Lopatin’s new bag of tricks. Also, reading this especially insightful interview in which Lopatin describes himself as a sonic Indiana Jones help put things into context:

“I like this idea that I’m not actually a musician and that, instead, I’m kind of like Indiana Jones — an adventurer who is looking for old things that are meaningful. So, like, we don’t tend to think of television commercials and ephemera like that, but to me, it was a really wonderful source of meaningful information. It was an amazing pool of ephemera that I could pull from. Then you’re restructuring and rearranging it to interfere with the original narrative and creating this new poetry.”

Replica does not chart the same dark, ambient, interstellar course that made Returnal such an immersive record but it is unmistakably an OPN album.  This time around, Lopatin has created an aural time capsule that evokes a relatively specific time and place instead of letting us choose our own adventure.

Replica is out 11/8 via Software.

Download MP3: “Replica”

Download MP3: “Sleep Dealer”


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