Widowspeak – “Gun Shy”
September 9, 2011, 5:42 pm
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It’s sort of rare for a favorite song to start off as something you casually ignored on the first few listens.  Although it seems hard to believe at this point, “Gun Shy” didn’t really grab me on the first or second listen.  According to my iTunes, it currently ranks as one of my most played songs this year.  Chalk it up to the band’s languid, graceful way of unspooling a song and Molly Hamilton’s breathy croon – given time, it’s wildly irresistible.  Sonically, the trio evoke Galaxie 500, Sleater-Kinney’s The Hot Rock, Mazzy Star (Hamilton’s voice is a dead ringer for Hope Sandoval’s) Ennio Morricone and even Chris Isaak (the b-side for the “Gun Shy” single is a cover of “Wicked Game”).  “Gun Shy” displays a more prominent Morricone influence than anything else on their debut which is probably for the best as a whole album of dusky, spaghetti-western rock could have come across a bit like shtick.  As it stands, “Gun Shy” is a tremendously intoxicating song from a band that is subtly blending their way towards a sound they can call their own.

Widowspeak is out now via Captured Tracks.

Download MP3: “Gun Shy”


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