WU LYF – “Heavy Pop”
June 19, 2011, 8:13 pm
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This quartet of young, Mancunian bandits has maintained a mystifying internet presence for the last couple years through nothing more than a few stellar singles and a website teeming with enigmatic iconography, but their mission statement has always been crystal clear: “PLAY HEAYY POP.”  Naturally, the band’s signature jam – which has been circulating as a rogue MP3 for a while now – is “Heavy Pop”.  It’s a caterwauling anthem that begins with a two-minute, ambient piano intro and ends with ragged rallying cries.   WU LYF’s lead singer, Ellery Roberts, belongs to a long line of wounded howlers that stretches back through Honus Honus, Isaac Brock and Tom Waits. To be extra specific, the guy sounds exactly like a feral Caleb Followill (which it turns out is a surprisingly awesome thing).

WU LYF (which stands for World Unite! Lucifer Youth Foundation) has already managed to forge something uniquely LYFian – a sound at once raw and rambunctious but also soaring and celestial. Their debut LP is packed with Lonesome Crowded West guitars, cathedral-filling organs (the album was recorded in a church) and jittery AnCo percussion.  On “Heavy Pop”, Roberts continually howls “I wanna feel at home” and caps the song and album off with the aforementioned rallying cry: “So to the girls and boys calling out wolf noise/One day you’ll find a home/ And if the world unites/ Sets the mountain alight/Then outside your house will become your home.”

Go Tell Fire To The Moutain is out 8/22 via LYF Recordings.

Download MP3: “Heavy Pop”


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