Fucked Up – “Queen of Hearts”, “Ship of Fools”, “A Little Death” & “The Other Shoe”

Up until a week ago, I had never listened to Fucked Up.  I had developed a number of preconceived opinions over the years about the band’s music (Bloody hardcore? No thanks.) and their wild bear of a frontman, Damian Abraham (A poor man’s Tim Harrington.), through nothing but reviews, articles and pictures.  Basically, I assumed that Fucked Up would never appeal to me.  What changed?  The unprecedented amount of love I saw pouring in for David Comes To Life (the band’s forthcoming third album).  I knew I couldn’t ignore the music anymore – maybe I was missing something?  To my complete and utter surprise, this album appeals to me immensely and it already ranks among my favorite of the year.  Granted, I haven’t listened to anything else by Fucked Up, but the “hardcore” tag this band gets doesn’t seem apt.  David Comes To Life is a supremely melodic album.  It’s also full of fury, bombast and epic tunes. It is ostensibly a rock opera (18 tracks, 82 minutes) that deals with finding life-altering love and then losing it via death.  A tired conceit for sure, but when our protagonists, David and Veronica, meet in “Queen of Hearts” it actually sounds life-altering: Damian Abraham howls “I couldn’t understand what just happened to my heart!” over soaring, supernova guitars and, later in the chorus, The Cults’ Madelline Folin (playing the part of Veronica) sweetly intones “Hello, your name is David/I am Veronica/Let’s be together/Until the water swallows us.”  Oh, and that chorus hits with the force of a dam busting.

The band and Matador have been awesome enough to release four singles as free MP3’s – grab them all.

David Comes To Life is out 6/7 via Matador.

Download MP3: “Queen of Hearts”

Download MP3: “Ship of Fools”

Download MP3: “A Little Death”

Download MP3: “The Other Shoe”


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