Mark McGuire – “Clouds Rolling In” & “Brain Storm (For Erin)”

I didn’t get around to Emeralds’ superb new album, Does It Look Like I’m Here?, until about a month or so ago, but I fell hard quickly.  Consequently, I discovered that Emeralds’ guitarist, Mark McGuire, put out an equally thrilling solo album, Living With Yourself, in 2010.  McGuire’s guitar work is fluid and searing – think Robert Fripp or David Gilmour.  It’s endlessly impressive, but often takes the backseat to his bandmates’ (John Elliott and Steve Hauschildt) dense electronic soundscapes.  On Living With Yourself, it’s a joy to hear his playing unencumbered and in a totally different context.  The album is ostensibly an instrumental love letter to his childhood: audio recordings of McGuire and his family are woven into songs with titles like “Brothers (For Matt)” and “The Vast Structure of Recollection”.  McGuire’s layered guitar tapestries veer from blissful ambient to churning post-rock – often within the same song.

Living With Yourself is out now on Editions Mego.

Download MP3: “Clouds Rolling In”

Download MP3: “Brain Storm (for Erin)”

If you haven’t heard Emeralds yet, grab this gem.

Download MP3: “Candy Shoppe”


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