EMA – “The Grey Ship”
December 9, 2010, 2:37 pm
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Beyond the fact that she was a member of the recently disbanded drone-folk trio Gowns, I know barely anything about EMA (Erika M. Anderson).  I was just tipped off to her the other night via Fuck Buttons’ Andrew Hung but I did manage to find this bio she wrote up:

Erika M. Anderson grew up in the dive bars and rotten graveyards of South Dakota.  She is a direct descendent of Erik Blood-Axe, the ruthless Viking warrior.  All the boys ask her why she is so tough.  She is 6 feet tall.  She loves the jukebox.

If you aren’t smitten with that description, please leave now.  Slow-burning epic “The Grey Ship” bears some resemblance to recent faves Esben & The Witch and Warpaint, but it’s composed in more of a build-and-release, post-rock structure.  Presumably, this will show up on her forthcoming solo debut.  Can’t wait.

Download MP3: “The Grey Ship”


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