Robyn – “Call Your Girlfriend”
November 26, 2010, 12:15 pm
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Sweden’s reigning electro-pop queen, Robyn, has been garnering gushing praise stateside for at least the last five years.  That praise reached a fever pitch this year with her series of Body Talk releases: two EP’s (Body Talk Pt. 1 & 2) and now a proper full-length album/compilation, Body Talk, which features the best songs from the two EP’s plus 5 new songs that may very well be the best of the already excellent bunch.  I’m fairly embarrassed to admit that I had ignored Robyn’s music up until about 3 days ago, but I was immediately smitten.  Robyn is a pop star that I can fully, unabashedly embrace: she’s as much Björk as she is Gaga.  Clearly a music junkie, her tunes embrace the full range of Sweden’s electro-pop heritage from ABBA to The Knife.  I have had “Call Your Girlfriend” on endless repeat for the last 72 hours and I’ve yet to tire of it.  In it, Robyn has fallen for a taken man and she sweetly advises him on how to break-up with his girlfriend so they can be together.  Amazingly, she never comes across as cruel or bitchy.  If anything, she seems more concerned with the feelings of the other girl than her own.  Naturally, she delivers all this with one of the most sublime vocal hooks I’ve heard all year.

Body Talk is out now on Cherrytree

“Call Your Girlfriend”


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