Salem – “King Night” & “Frost”
October 31, 2010, 7:03 pm
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Salem – band zero for “witch-house” – has been a supremely divisive act in the blogosphere/twitterverse mostly due the band’s past displays of apathy towards the press and their live performances.  There’s also the matter of Jack Donoghue (“the rapping guy”) whose warped flow, thankfully, only graces three of King Night‘s 11 tracks.  Aside from that trio of questionable songs, King Night is a stunning album that never feels remotely apathetic.  Much like Sleigh Bells, Salem has perfected making a blown-out wall of distortion and low-end feel utterly entrancing.  Although, Salem isn’t ear-piercingly LOUD.  Their “wall of sound” is more in the mold of goth and shoegaze.  The album’s title track (which features a sample of a choir singing “O Holy Night” mixed into its dark, thick haze) feels massive and, as has been mentioned before, fit for a cathedral.  The Heather Marlatt-fronted “Frost” is simultaneously gorgeous and ominous -think the Cocteau Twins recorded in a rain-slick alley.

King Night is out now on IAMSOUND.

Download MP3: “King Night”

Download MP3: “Frost”


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