Peepholes – “Airforce Trainer”
September 5, 2010, 4:06 pm
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I’m pretty baffled as to why this British duo hasn’t gotten more blog/press love.  Peepholes – Brighton’s Nick Carlisle and Katia Barrett – are responsible for one of my favorite songs of 2010, “Lair”, and are easily one of the most strikingly singular bands I’ve heard this year.  They’re following up their Lair EP with a split 12″ (w/ a.P.A.t.T.) – their side, Kingdom, is a six song “mini-album.”  Compared to the frenetic, brief songs on Lair, the jams on Kingdom are longer, more restrained and moody.  The opening track, “Airforce Trainer”, hints at a Fuck Buttons that has decided to write pop songs.  Overall, I can’t help hearing Peepholes as a more abrasive Sunset Rubdown.  Forget the name games, this shit is essential.  Grab it.

The Kingdom 12″ is out 9/27 on Upset The Rhythm and available now on iTunes.

Download MP3: “Airforce Trainer”


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