The Corin Tucker Band – “Doubt”
August 2, 2010, 10:53 pm
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The mighty Corin Tucker – blessed with one of the most hellacious wails you’ll ever hear – is back with her first piece of new music since the sorta-kinda dissolution of Sleater-Kinney four years ago.  The music world has been a sadder, quieter place without her in it, and I’m all too glad to have her back roaring.  For her solo debut, 1,000 Years, Tucker enlisted Unwound’s Sara Lund on drums and the Golden Bears’ Seth Lorinczi on bass.  The bass on “Doubt” is notable/noticeable because we’ve never before heard Corin Tucker accompanied by the instrument (Sleater-Kinney was famously two-guitars, no bass).  Additionally, Tucker’s guitar tone is rawer and grittier than it’s ever been.  Her craggy solos rip across the song like Neil Young on a wicked bender.  Anyone who feared Tucker had grown soft and domesticated while she was away has nothing to fear.

1,000 Years is out 10/5 via Kill Rock Stars.

Download MP3: “Doubt”


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