Frankie Rose and The Outs – “Don’t Tred”

As much as I was looking forward to Frankie Rose’s debut outing, I wasn’t prepared for the fact that its an album I can, and want to, listen to every single day.  From top to bottom, Frankie Rose and The Outs is utterly fantastic.  As I stated in my recent post on “Little Brown Haired Girls”, there are obviously some sonic overlaps with all the bands she has drummed for over the last few years (Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts and Dum Dum Girls), but she is running circles around her past employers.  Ms. Rose simply possesses more impressive songwriting chops.  Her music has all the tenderness of Vivian Girls & Dum Dum Girls, but once you’re cuddling, it wants to get a little rough and leave marks.  Which is another way of saying that The Outs like to rock the fuck out.  Case in point: “Don’t Tred” plays like Aftermath-era Rolling Stones, The Velvet Underground and Dick Dale were thrown into a dryer and kicked down a hill.

Frankie Rose and The Outs is out 9/21 via Slumberland.


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