Librarians – “Candy Season”

West Virginia has not been the site of many positive things lately, but the Librarians are changing that.  I stumbled across this WV based quartet over the weekend and have become pretty smitten in the last 48 hours.  This was achieved through the band taking fairly common inflluences (Radiohead, Animal Collective, etc.) and folding them into the fabric of their music without calling overt attention to their presence.  In this regard, they remind me of Miracle Fortress and Surf CityPresent Passed is a joyful, euphoric LP chock full of great spring/summer jams.  “Candy Season” plays like a mash-up of Radiohead’s “15 Step” and Animal Collective’s “Leaf House” while still forging its own identity.  Oh, and it’s retardedly catchy.

Present Passed is out now on Postfact.

Download MP3: “Candy Season”


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